Why Does Sex Sell? by Rebekah Starr

Watch the video here on Youtube


Why Does Sex Sell? by Rebekah Starr






Front woman Rebekah and wild-at-heart Estonian tambourine player Annika of Rebekah Starr Band, set out on a journey across-country from rural Pennsylvania to big city Los Angeles, facing the trip’s hardships along the way, in hope of defying the odds and the doubts of small-town society.


Watch the video interview here on Youtube


Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Filmmaker / Musician Rebekah Starr (MY WAY) tells us about her inner drive to prove sexist views against women wrong.  It motivated her to spend a year in Russia to learn a foreign language, to work on Wall Street the year after she graduated college, then to get her pilot’s certificate and commercial pilot’s certificate.  She didn’t stop there, she went on to get an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and returned home to work her family business.  It was when she was fired from her own family’s business that was the turning point for her to go all in on her music band, something she had always worked on over the years.



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