People Don’t Want Feedback,They Want Praise by Etta Devine and Gabriel Diani


(Watch the video here)

Filmmakers / Actors Etta Devine and Gabriel Diani (The Selling) believe as artists you have to accept criticism in order to improve your craft.  They admit that it’s hard to be satisfied with your work and they reference a Martin Scorsese quote that he always wished he had 10 more days of shooting.  In regards to giving feedback, they say you have to be careful because with some people it may appear that they are asking for feedback but in reality what they are seeking is praise.  That’s why they recommend asking people what kind of criticism they are really looking for, whether it be general feelings, a pat on the back or going deeper into the work.

Chad Meserve, editor of The Selling tells you why you should support the Kickstarter to get the movie a theatrical release.  He also jumps on a trampoline in 1992. It’s kind of amazing.

THE SELLING Theatrical Release

Kickstarter – A Success!