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Filmmaker David Paul Baker on crowdfunding preferences and advice for Goodbye Promise, his films Mission X and Screen, the Internet then and now, and more.

The Path to 30 Days to 1 Million

(This is where it all began 3 years ago…)

Teaser trailer for SCREEN, starring Nicole Alonso and Leslie Andrews

Check out David Paul Baker on Film Courage podcast episode #83 where he calls in from Scotland to give his view on how much money a filmmakers should put into their first feature film, why he looks up to James Dean, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino & Gary Oldman, he tells us why he made Mission X for almost nothing and why he has decided to remake it along with 10 hours of additional content beyond the film.

Check out David Paul Baker’s film Mission X here!

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MISSION X TRAILER from david baker on Vimeo.


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