A Kickstarter Telethon for 4 OF A KIND


    Watch LIVE

    David & Karen Talk to Jack

    Watch the Table Read of a 10 page section of 4 OF A KIND

    Rather than read the whole thing, which would take a while (and require more actors than G+ can handle), we had Jack pick 10 minutes that could stand alone well. Then, we recruited a bunch of actors. Enjoy. Share it. The rest of the screenplay is available here.

    The Archive

    My guess is Kanye isn’t going to show up and help, but what we’re going to try and do is line up a Telethon for the final 48 hours of the campaign for 4 OF A KIND, which as you can see by the widget is going to take a lot of work.

    Here’s how we’re going to do it:

    I set up a generic YouTube account at the email address thefilmcommunity [at] gmail. We’re going to try and fill as many of the final 48 hours of the campaign as possible with people hanging out on Google+, telethon style. The goal, of course, is to keep the conversation rolling. Talk about your films, other people’s films, 4 OF A KIND, whatever. Invite people to chat with you.

    Edit: Use your own account. Just make sure you add an annotation for the archive with a link to Jack’s campaign, like so…

    Even if you have the 3am slot at it seems like no one is watching, it’ll all archive on YouTube so people can watch it later. From our early use of G+ Hangouts, it seems like there may be 2 people watching live, but then 50 or so people will watch the archive the next day. And feel free to add Annotations & comments to your video after it’s done and link to stuff.

    Claim a slot (or 7) in the comments and we’ll update the embedded spreadsheet. I’ll add more info here as we get it.

    If this works, maybe it’s something we can roll out for a number of different styled things. Who knows?

    Go to YouTube or G+, Start a Hangout, Broadcast it On-Air

    Ideally, embed the HTML of the live feed in a blog post with the campaign widget and point people there. But whatever works.