Film Courage/Hollyshorts Panel – Youtube Domination: How Youtubers Are Taking Over The Film World





3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


6925 Hollywood Boulevard,

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hosted by Film Courage’s David Branin and Karen Worden

Hollyshorts Film Festival was recently mentioned as Moviemaker Magazine’s Top 25 Film Festivals worth the entry


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Featuring Youtuber panelists Issa Rae (a.k.a. Awkward Black Girl) – 83,608 subscribers/11,007,991 video views

Other channel IssaRae12 – 3,728 subscribers
332,725 video views

Featuring Youtuber panelists Ryan Reyes (a.k.a. PimplyWimp)

38,155 subscribers
13,224,873 video views

Featuring Youtuber panelists Patrick Epino & Stephen Dypiangco
National Film Society)

2,019 subscribers
164,487 video views

Stephen Dypiangco

Patrick Epino

Featuring Youtuber panelist America Young – part of numerous Youtube channels including ComeDiva, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, and her channel ‘Well I Think It’s Funny.’

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Every Short Film is Too Long


(Be sure to mention promo code “HollyShorts” for half-off some tickets)


Issa Rae, the multitalented CEO and Owner of Issa Rae Productions, is a
pioneer in the fight against the narrow, mainstream portrayal of people of color in the media. With a dedicated and passionate team, and supportive fan base, Issa Rae Productions lends a voice to a demographic that largely goes unheard. The wide-spread success of Issa Rae’s webseries, The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, has unanimously placed Issa Rae at the forefront of the digital web revolution.  Read more here…

Ryan Reyes is a human guy who happens to also post comedy videos on YouTube. Sometimes they are funny. He is a trained actor and graduated UCSC with a Film Production degree. Aside from that he likes cats. He likes dogs too. He assumes they like him and puts it up to test whenever possible. The end.
The National Film Society is a new media studio co-founded in 2011 by filmmakers Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco, who’ve decided to take their talents to YouTube. With a uniquely brainy and offbeat style, they produce weekly videos about filmmaking, movies and pop culture for PBS Digital Studios.

Patrick Epino is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker. He was selected by the film magazine, The Independent, as one of its “10 Filmmakers to Watch” for his first feature film, Mr. Sadman, starring Scoot McNairy and Tim Kang, about a 1990 Saddam Hussein double who loses his job and moves to Los Angeles to start his life over. Patrick is a graduate of the University of Chicago, earned his MFA in Cinema from San Francisco State University and is an alumnus of the IFP Narrative Labs and Film Independent’s Project:Involve.

Stephen Dypiangco is an independent filmmaker who writes, directs and produces narrative films, documentaries and online video. His company the National Film Society has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, GigaOM and Angry Asian Man. As a Producer of Marketing and Distribution, Stephen’s recent projects include the Oscar-winning short filmGod of Love and the feature documentary How To Live Forever. Stephen is an alum of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and NYU’s graduate film program.


America Young (director) is most happy when she is doing 12 things at once.  She is a director, producer and professional stunt woman.  Currently a show she co-created has been licensed and is in production with POW! (Stan Lee’s production Company), Vuguru and Comediva.  She has stunt coordinated the feature films/shows  “April Showers”, “Nuclear Family”, “Collision” and music videos such as “Hot and Cold” (Katy Perry), “Outta My Head” (Ashley Simpson), “Scream” (Chris Cornell) and “Pocket Full of Sunshine” (Natasha Beddingfield).    She has directed 3 web series, Groupidity, Damsels & Dragons and Catherine & Annie.  Also in the web world, America has worked on General Elevator (Jerry Zucker), First Edition, The Guild, Stalker Chronicles and Goodnight Burbank (Hayden Black, on HDNet and on Hulu).   America is in post on a scripted comedy pilot that she directed starring and about Professional Wrestlers.  She proud to be a director on “Locked in” (a short that is part of the Girls!Girls!Girls! feature anthology) and even prouder to be an executive producer on the whole “Girls!Girls!Girls” project that now has distribution.   She so is excited that all her years of production experience, web knowledge and geek obsessions/experience are culminating into getting to direct the feature  CMD.  When America’s not kicking the crap out of Super-Heroes that support the Superhuman Registration Act, talking to fairies or setting herself on fire, she enjoys telling stories, sipping herbal tea and sharpening her pair of Sai.

Youtubers in the news:

Filmmaker Magazine Article on National Film Society

Ryan Reyes (a.k.a. PimplyWimp) on Funny or Die

America Young on Digital Media Wire

Jason Horton, the World’s Only White Male Comedian, tells us he just recently surpassed 300 Million video views on YouTube, that he won YouTube’s “Next Comic” and that he may or may not be wearing clothes in the upcoming feature film “Smiley” which also stars YouTube notables Shane Dawson and Toby Turner.  He tells us about becoming so successful on YouTube that he was able to leave his desk job.  He ends by stating that he has always made time for social media because he believes it is important.

(Watch the video here)

YouTube Do’s and Don’ts:

While attending VidCon 2012 we interviewed a small collection of YouTubers to hear their perspectives on the Do’s and Don’ts of growing a successful YouTube channel.

(Watch the video here)

This video is inspired by Brian Newman’s article “The Most Disruptive Innovation in Filmmaking Today: DIY Audience Building”

While attending VidCon 2012 we interviewed a small collection of YouTubers to hear their perspectives on how mainstream media outlets, and their colleagues in the film world view their efforts and work on YouTube.

(Watch the video here)

Paul ‘Yosemite Bear’ Vasquez (The Double Rainbow Guy) provides us his advice to young YouTubers, older YouTubers and Baby YouTubers.  He believes in being passionate about what you are creating, giving your heart to the camera, loving it, and not doing it for fame and fortune.  He then gives us his YouTube “do’s and don’ts.”

(Watch the video here)

Paul ‘Yosemite Bear’ Vasquez (The Double Rainbow Guy) does not profess to be like other YouTubers.  He tells us that he began making videos in the 1980’s.  He began uploading videos to YouTube as a way to back up the many videos he has compiled. He likes watching YouTube videos by his friends like Sam Macaroni.  Bear says his life has not changed since his Double Rainbow video went viral, that he still works his farm in addition to doing interviews and attending panels from time to time.

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