‘MUSGO’ By Filmmaker Gami Orbegoso

Musgo Trailer from vesubio on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Gami Orbegoso of Barcelona, Spain writes about his film MUSGO:

“Making a independent movie is not easy.  It should always be based on an idea and must go with it until the end. It has to be clear the equipment accounts and the team that will accompany you to the end and especially the commitment that is going to take on your project.

The camera is only a tool, what counts is the story and how you accounts it.  I can only say I love movies and but I will fight to make that “Musgo” could be seen at some film festival this 2012.

Musgo was born as a personal project and, at the same time, a moral obligation for me to try to shoot a film, making no apologies of any kind, from two main premises: creative liberty and commitment from the whole team.

Musgo was shot is just seven days, on the outskirts of Martinet de la Cerdanya (in the Province of Lleida, Spain) helped along by a small but expert technical team and four great tireless actors.

I knew it was going to be a difficult shoot because of the terrain, but I was in no doubt about the locations as I had spent some summers there with my family. There were some months of grueling preparation and an almost military-style planning that the whole team put into practice with dedication and commitment.

Why did I try to do it that way? Because I believed that the project cried out for it; that sensation of proximity and intimacy surrounded by Mother Nature were the incentives that drove us to carry out Musgo.”

Making of Musgo(part I) from vesubio on Vimeo.

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