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It was good timing when Karen and David of Film Courage recently contacted me. They mentioned discovering my Youtube channel from the 2012 Ted Conference talk on viral videos given by Youtube’s Trends Manager, Kevin Allocca.  It gave me a way to process what is going on with me from an outside perspective, knowing they had never heard of me until viewing Kevin’s talk.

Rewinding to a few years back, my life was much different.  I was not widely known until Jimmy Kimmel Tweeted my rainbow video, saying he thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen. Once this happened, it was like an explosion gave way. I was the most Googled person on the planet that July 2010. I was pursued by numerous individuals, requesting interviews and appearances, granting offers, TV, songs, and countless invitations. The first interviewer who spoke to me asked if I was surprised at these turn of events. I heard myself saying things in interviews I did not know consciously.  It just came out of me.  I began to explain that somehow I knew this change in my life would happen.  It was flowing out as Spirit spoke through me.  Intuitively I knew this shift was on the horizon.

My life began in 1962 in the barrios of East Los Angeles.  It was a violent, gang and drug infested place.  My mother’s abuse toward me brought me to fear for my life.  I used imagination, hard work and luck to educate myself, acquiring enough skills to land a great job in Yosemite.  It was 1985 and I was 22 years old. Despite it’s natural beauty, I quickly realized that staying in Yosemite had its challenges. I then met a woman whose ancestors were inhabitants of Yosemite dating back to the first settlers of the 1850’s. The Yosemite Indian’s had a thriving but newly revived culture at this time. We married, had two children and immersed our young family into the Yosemite Indian ceremonies, practices and way of life.  Together raising our children in the Yosemite Indian culture, surrounded by their tribe in a place of absolute wonder which is Yosemite National Park.

In 1988 I bought 8 acres of raw land and developed it myself, turning it into a farm.  I started feeling like I was Noah. My farm felt like an ark. I had been on a long spiritual journey, which led me into a deep depression.  In 2009 I realized I’d discovered how to love. One New Year’s Eve, I videotaped the rising of the Blue Moon, viewing it as a sign that I was emerging from a cocoon, now free to fly about the Earth as a butterfly. January 8th, 2010 I wrote an email saying I felt like Noah. My house filled with color, I knew it meant a rainbow was outside.  This was not the first or last time I would experience this message.

Doing what is so ingrained within me,  I grabbed my camera and pressed record. What I saw was a wall of color stretching across my field of view. To me it appeared like a giant eye ball. I thought to myself ‘Only God could have an eye that big.’  I realized right then, while recording this magnificent sight, I was in the presence of God.  I recalled comparing myself to Noah, a prophet of God, who also saw a rainbow.  Questioning why I was witnessing this miracle, I said to myself,  “What does it mean? Please tell me what it means?”

I fondly remember sitting in on Jimmy Kimmel’s show as an audience member in 2008.  Jimmy liked me so much after I made my presence felt in the studio, that he put me on the air for his monologue. I captured that episode on my DVR, videotaped it with my camera and uploaded it to YouTube.

One of Jimmy’s staffers found my Double Rainbow video accidently, seven months after I made it.  They noticed my prior Kimmel appearance video and then checked out my Youtube channel.  Once Jimmy got a look at my Double Rainbow video, he thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen.  Jimmy then shared my video through Twitter, making it viral overnight.  I always figured I would be a famous artist but I thought it would happen after I was dead. I knew the things I talked about would come true but I thought it was going to be my daughter who was going to do them. When I shot the Double Rainbow video, I knew what it was, I knew it would become a viral video, I sent it to everybody I knew saying this IS going to be a viral video but it took a tastemaker to actually make it happen.

I shot it simply because I saw God through my third eye, my camera.  Jimmy saw something in it that made him laugh, but by the way he treated me, the way he presented me, I know he realized that (and this is a quote from him) “perhaps Spirits ARE talking to you.”  Even though I did not plan this video to go viral, some how I knew parts of this journey would happen.

Once I went viral I began feeling how humanity was thinking about me, discovering how to let this consciousness flow through me. I read every e-mail, considered every offer and  granted every interview. I worked around the clock telling people I saw God and the messages I discovered. These opportunities flew me around the world.  I went everywhere and was part of countless interviews.

I came to learn about the Native American prophecy of the Rainbow Warrior.  I realized I was fulfilling this prophecy, that together with my children, our purpose is to help humanity and deliver this message.


My daughter received a college degree to pursue a career in National Park Service. We are working on determining ways to bring back the Native American Indian ceremonies and culture to displaced native people from the U.S. National parks.


Paul YosemiteBear Vasquez a.k.a. The Double Rainbow Guy is an online content creator, artist, farmer, mountain man, vessel of Spirit, servant for Mankind, and lover of femininity living in Yosemite, California.  Find out more about Bear by visiting his Youtube channel Hungrybear9562, his website and on Twitter @Yosemitebear62.


Paul ‘Yosemite Bear’ Vasquez (The Double Rainbow Guy) didn’t begin his YouTube channel to become famous.  He records himself for his descendants.  In this video he defines a meme, and what he envisions happening with the meme in 2013 and beyond.


This video is inspired by Brian Newman’s article “The Most Disruptive Innovation in Filmmaking Today: DIY Audience Building” on

While attending VidCon 2012 we interviewed a small collection of YouTubers to hear their perspectives on how mainstream media outlets, and their colleagues in the film world view their efforts and work on YouTube.  This interview includes Paul ‘Yosemite Bear’ Vasquez
(The Double Rainbow Guy).