The Sheena Metal Experience

Sheena Metal Queen of the Nighttime World
Sheena Metal is a Los Angeles entertainment icon.  She has anchored numerous radio shows for over ten years in Los Angeles–six of which were spent on top-rated talk station KLSX (97.1 the FM Talk Station) where she helmed five successful shows (“The Sheena Show”, “Late Night Booty Call”, “Sheena and The Princess”, “Sheena and Sam”). Her untouchable wit, unforgettable voice and unflinching fan base have proven Sheena to be an undeniable radio presence…(read more).

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Kat Brooks, Joe Wilson, Dee Wallace, and hundreds more…

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Haunted Playground with Sheena Metal and Professional Clairvoyant/Medium Danielle Egnew on LA Talk

Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics – with Sheena Metal and Susan Olsen (actress, writer, artist, producer, radio personality and formerly Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch) on LA Talk

Sheena Metal’s Music HighWay on LA Talk

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Sheena Metal was nominated for a Shorty Award!

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