Better Deal for Filmmakers: Netflix or Hulu?

Yesterday we got into a chat on our Facebook page with Marketing Specialist Sheri Candler.  She was prepping for a virtual panel appearance geared toward online distribution and wanted to know if anyone had questions they wanted addressed.

We offered up, "What is the better play for independent filmmakers right now, HULU or NETFLIX?  Would love to see numbers and discussion on that topic."

Filmmakers began to share their thoughts on Twitter and on Facebook….

We do not want important discussions like this to be buried and forgotten about on Social Media.  So we have decided to see if we can extend the conversation here.  We find this candid conversation amongst fellow filmmakers helpful, and we want all to benefit.


What can you add to this dialogue?  Are your films on Netlix and/or Hulu? Have you seen one platform outperform the other?  Next time around, would you use both of these platforms again?  How could they better serve you?  Have you been paid?  How often have you been paid?  Has the amount you have been paid gone up or down?  Which platform offers you more interaction with viewers and fans?

Please provide a Netflix/Hulu link to your film with your comment.