The Most Important Job On Set


The most important job on set is Wardrobe and Craft Services in my opinion.

On the road while touring with your film it is the same thing for me.
What am I going to wear and when am I going to eat?

My name is Alexia and I am touring around the US of A with my recent documentary on Oscar nominated animator, Bill Plympton, “Adventures in Plymptoons!” and on tour I have been making friends along the way and getting to conduct interviews and photographing girls with natural red hair for my new project, Ginger Girls.

Of course the over-achiever in me has started and am planning on making a feature documentary, photo book and multi-media art show along with interactive improv theater at the art shows and around film festival screenings.

I am so excited to dress up as famous redheaded characters like when I dressed up as Annie,  for the Kickstarter annual Halloween party in NY and going to get to do that all next year with my new Ginger Girl Team.

I will show how cool, talented, successful, unique and proud Ginger Girls really are.

This film is meant to take a stand for Ginger Girls everywhere!

At the last screening Adventures in Plymptoons! screening at the St. Louis Intl. Film Festival like most festivals they book like every minute of our day which gets pretty tiring after awhile.

So, Bill Plympton and I are suppose to introduce the film all serious and stuff and I was just a little slap happy I think from doing so many events that I just yelled out a “MooOoo” into the microphone. Of course there was a context because I was in a cow outfit. Luckily, I was saved and then could transition to Bill to make sure he described what we were about to see while I made sure I got in all my thank yous.

Bill Plympton’s “The Cow who wanted to be a Hamburger” inspired the costume and it has really helped moral while fundraising, endless traveling, promoting and the like.

I recommend it to every filmmaker. Figure out your outfit ahead of time along with your snack schedule.

It always gets attention and you can be sure that you will always match.

The two best things about making films and showing them is the friends you make along the way and getting yet another excuse to dress like a cow!

Ready for dress up when you are.

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Alexia is an artist, actress and filmmaker who has starred, co-directed and co-produced many independent film productions. Alexia draws, paints, enjoys doing collage work and photography. As an actress she was recently featured in feature film Supernaturalz, HBO’s Bored to Death, VH1 “If you like…” commerical and Vetiver “Everyday” music video.  Alexia started experimenting in film about 12 years ago while she was attending SUNY Purchase. She made many short films some experimental narratives and documentaries, started her own art, music and film festival, CAMP Festival. She has worked for many directors, festivals, distribution companies and even an independent cinema. After working behind the scenes on many independent shorts and features, she edited a feature documentary, Vampira: The Movie, associate produced, The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels, produced and starred in mockumentary, 7 Deadly Sins: Inside the Ecomm Cult and helped promote and sell the movies at horror and comic book conventions. Not to mention that she also sold her short films. That is where she discovered that their was a profound connection between fan and filmmaker. Her current film, Adventures in Plymptoons! is a feature documentary which has been playing all of the world at film festivals including Annecy International Animation Film Festival, San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, Dok Leipzig, Bend  Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival and Flip Animation Film Festival. She has also recently mentored a young filmmaker, Dana Farley with her first documentary film, Beyond the Noise, My Transcendental Meditation  Journey where Dana interviews and is interviewed by filmmaker David Lynch.