HotPixel Post Production presents Film Courage LIVE – CROWD-FUNDING FOR 2011 AND BEYOND

HotPixel Post Production & Film Courage present CROWD-FUNDING FOR 2011 AND BEYOND
Are you thinking about crowd-funding?  In an environment where we are seeing new campaigns launched everyday, how is your campaign going to rise above the noise?  What does it really take to succeed?  We will cover these questions and much more.

Our first Film Courage LIVE offers you a comprehensive look at crowd-funding from panelists who have raised nearly $100,000 combined.  The discussion will be moderated by LA Talk Radio hosts Karen Worden and David Branin of Film Courage.

Confirmed panelists are Meg Pinsonneault (Feast of the Foolish), Lucas McNelly (Up Country, A Year Without Rent), Zak Forsman (Down and Dangerous) & Victoria Westcott (Locked in a Garage Band).

The space to this event is currently limited so we are only selling 30 tickets.  We advise advance tickets as this event may sell-out. 

HotPixel Post Production

Film Courage

Filmmaker Meg Pinsonneault
Feast of the Foolish (Over $7500 raised on IndieGogo)

Filmmaker Lucas McNelly
Up Country (Over $4000 raised on Kickstarter)
A Year Without Rent (Over $12,000 raised on Kickstarter)
Filmmaker Victoria Westcott
Locked in a Garage Band (Over $20,000 raised on Kickstarter)

Filmmaker Zak Forsman
Down and Dangerous (Over $38,000 raised on Kickstarter)

Distribber CEO Adam Chapnick
Chief of Distribution at IndieGogo
TALKING POINTS (A small sample of what will be covered)
1) Debunking the myth that crowd funding is "easy" and why it’s a full time job.

2) Do backers generally back the project or the people behind it?  seems obvious to me now but it was a major revelation during our first 48 hours.  

3) What separates people who donate thousands of dollars from those that donate less than $100?

4) Why IndieGoGo is setting you up to fail or is it?

5) Are social media relationships all that matter? What about personal relationships made offline?

6) A pitch video is mandatory. How to make it interesting without spending a ton of time and money.

7) How crowd-funding affects your film in ways outside of just finances. 

8) Who’s your cheerleader?  And do you need one?

9) Why people don’t respond to begging for money. It’s all about "spreading the word" for your project.

10) Is crowd-funding for everyone?  Who should not crowd-fund?

11) Should you keep secret donators in your back pocket to donate last minute?

12) How to determine how much you can raise. Yes, there is a formula says Zak Forsman.

HotPixel Post Production
Tuesday September 20th, 2011
7- 9pm
5723 Auckland Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91601

**If you are attending and have  a topic or question related to crowd-funding that you would like us to cover, please do not hesitate to send it our way here