Joke and Biago talk Crowd-Funding DYING TO DO LETTERMAN

The best way for us to preface this conversation is to say that if you have or if you ever plan to crowd-fund in your life there are very few resources that are going to rank higher than this 50 minute discussion we had with Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina affectionally and professionally known as Joke and Biagio.

Filmmakers Joke Fincioen & Biagio Messina tell us how DocuWeeks answered their Oscar prayers, how despite their insanely busy schedules now was the time for them to crowd-fund, how they have exceeded their best distributor offers in their first 8 days on Kickstarter, and we all share tears as Joke and Biagio try to put into words what this all means for comedian Steve Mazan and his wife Denise Mazan who’s stories are showcased in DYING TO DO LETTERMAN.



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