The Future of Film Curation – Archived Videos

HotPixel Post Production, A Year Without Rent, & Film Courage present THE FUTURE OF FILM CURATION (#FOFC)

Here are the ustream recordings from last night’s “Future of Film Curation” event hosted by HotPixel Post Production.

1) Introduction from HotPixel Post Production. Lucas McNelly gives us the backstory to BLANC DE BLANC, makes us aware of the mystery behind the film, how the movie has performed on VOD and info on Distrify.

2) Full Q&A discussion with Lucas McNelly after the screening and both Panel Discussions.

First one on Challenges in Post Production featuring Filmmaker Sean Hackett, Editor Aric Lewis, Editor Jamie Cobb, Producer John Paul Rice and Editor Art Freed.

Second Panel: The Future of Film Curation and Film Festivals featuring Filmmaker Lucas McNelly, Screenwriter Nathan Cole, Filmmaker Zak Forsman, San Diego Indie Fest Producer Craig Wilson, & HollyShorts Co-Founder Daniel Sol.

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