HotPixel Post Production presents THE FUTURE OF FILM CURATION

HotPixel Post Production, A Year Without Rent, & Film Courage present THE FUTURE OF FILM CURATION (#FOFC)

Online Premiere of Lucas McNelly’s BLANC DE BLANC courtesy of Distrify

LIVE online Intro and Q&A with Lucas McNelly

Two LIVE Panel Discussions

What is the future of film curation?  Not only are we going to discuss this idea this Sunday July 3rd, but we will be embracing the thought by hosting our own VOD experiment. 

For the past 18 months we have hosted a LIVE Theatrical event showcasing true independent films at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles (our Film Courage Interactive series).  But we have never curated an Online (and Off-Line) event for a fellow filmmaker the way we will on Sunday.  (Scroll down for event info.)

How did this come about?

Recently we observed Filmmaker Lucas McNelly (A Year Without Rent, Up Country) experimenting and writing about the VOD release of his debut feature film Blanc de Blanc.

We were particularly intrigued by his post about the new VOD platform Distrify (a streaming online service with an affiliate program).

Shortly thereafter, we learned that Lucas was going to be in LA to work on Paul Osborne’s newest film FAVOR.  With Lucas being in Los Angeles for an extended period of time, we simply could not pass up the opportunity to bring folks together on his behalf.  The combination of these ideas morphed into Sunday’s event.

We couldn’t do this alone and certainly not without the gracious support of our new sponsor HotPixel Post Production who is hosting the event at their post facility in North Hollywood.  (Can’t wait to show you pictures.)
Here’s the agenda (all times Pacific Standard Time)

Sunday July 3rd, 2011

5pm – Go LIVE online ( with Lucas, outline the night, interact with our viewing audience, and introduce BLANC DE BLANC.

5:30 – Break away from LIVE stream.  Time to watch the movie.  As folks watch the movie at home online, we will watch the movie LIVE at HotPixel.

7:15pm – We are back LIVE at for a Q&A with Lucas about the film.

7:45pm – We transition to our first LIVE panel discussion of the night



Producer John Paul Rice

Editor Jamie Forsman
HotPixel Representative

Filmmaker Sean Hackett

Editor Aric Lewis

8:30pm – Transition to second panel


HollyShorts Co-Founder Daniel Sol

Filmmaker Lucas McNelly

San Diego Indie Fest Producer Craig Wilson

Writer / Producer Nathan Cole

Filmmaker Zak Forsman

How do you get involved?

1) We will be LIVE on Sunday July 3rd at 5pm PST.
Join us at or 

2) Rent BLANC DE BLANC via Distrify

3) Tune in LIVE to our Q&A with Lucas at 7:15pm PST followed by our two LIVE panels.

4) Interact with us online on Facebook & Twitter along with #FOFC

5) If you are in Los Angeles and would like to attend LIVE, please CONTACT US for availability.


Here are the ustream recordings from the event.

1) Introduction from HotPixel Post Production. Lucas McNelly gives us the backstory to BLANC DE BLANC, makes us aware of the mystery behind the film, how the movie has performed on VOD and info on Distrify.

2) Full Q&A discussion with Lucas McNelly after the screening and both Panel Discussions.

First one on Challenges in Post Production featuring Filmmaker Sean Hackett, Editor Aric Lewis, Editor Jamie Cobb, Producer John Paul Rice and Editor Art Freed.

Second Panel: The Future of Film Curation and Film Festivals featuring Filmmaker Lucas McNelly, Screenwriter Nathan Cole, Filmmaker Zak Forsman, San Diego Indie Fest Producer Craig Wilson, & HollyShorts Co-Founder Daniel Sol.