2011 Los Angeles Film Festival

Our photo journey begins as we (David and Karen) arrived at the media center for our LA Film Festival press passes at the JW Marriot Hotel
in Downtown Los Angeles. 

In the courtyard of ‘LA Live,’ a newly constructed LA hot spot of movie theaters, clubs, restaurants, and people watching.

More sights around town…Luckily the Los Angeles weather
was still enjoyable (not too hot).

Enroute to the theaters.

The streets are quiet as the ‘audience is listening’ inside the
Regal Cinemas LA Live.

More shots around LA Live.

Two LA Film Festival workers busily on their way to the next screening, as we make our way to the ‘Jameson’ filmmaker lounge.

The ‘Jameson’ filmmaker lounge was a great place to ‘hang,’ eat free popcorn, have drinks (from soda to Whiskey), and collect ourselves
for the next film or panel.

Film peeps networking in between screenings at the
Regal Cinemas LA Live.

More networking…

Prepping for the next screening.  You never know who you can
pitch to in the lobby.

Q & A with the filmmaking team behind
THE BAD INTENTIONS by Rosario García-Montero after the film.

Rosario García-Montero recalls her childhood in the 80’s as partial inspiration for making the film THE BAD INTENTIONS.

The cast of Kat Coiro’s LIFE HAPPENS during LA Film Festival Q & A featuring Fallon Goodson, Jason Biggs, Justin Kirk,
Kate Bosworth, Rhys Coiro, and Kat Coiro.

COFFEE TALK panel discussions on screenwriting with Josh Olson, Dustin Lance Black, Diablo Cody, Christopher Marcus
and Stephen McFeely.

Screenwriters Josh Olson, Dustin Lance Black, Diablo Cody, Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely share ideas ‘owning the room while not giving a damn’ while pitching.

Discussed during the panel
‘I’m driving this train – are you in or out with my script?’

Diablo Cody discusses her Internet talk show ‘Red Band Trailer‘ in addition to her numerous other project, including
a Brian Wilson biopic.

Another common theme from the screenwriters – never rest on your laurels, always be working on something.

Photo ops and a chorus of ‘Hi-I’m a writer and had a question about…’ could be heard well into the lobby.