The 5 Elements of Powerful Curation by Oli Lewington

OLI LEWINGTON – Digital Producer and Social Media Specialist

As the internet – and indie filmmaking – moves forwards, the amount of content released online grows exponentially every day.

We each have our own habits to cover what we’re most interested in, whether it’s a collection of favourite websites to visit, a list of feeds we subscribe to or newsletters that drop into our inbox.

Too often, though, we are closed to the options of new sources of conten. Billions of words, hours of film and an iTunes library that may take weeks to play through mean that we don’t have the time or processing power in our heads to find new sites.

That’s where the new breed of content curators comes in. But what is curation all about?

1. Value

The most important element that any curator should bring to their audience is value. A curator’s role is to sift the vast quantities of content generated every day – be it written, spoken or filmed – and select the pieces that add the most value to the lives of their readers, fans and followers.

2. Time

Following the real-time flow of news and moves via Twitter, Facebook and the various social bookmarking sites can be a daunting task and time-sapping task. The curator allows the reader to claim that time back, to know that the content they are serving up is timely and relevant and important enough to warrant their attention.

3. Order

The disorganised world of online content is part of the time-drain. The curator must seek out the nuggets and kernels of information, opinion and entertainment that may otherwise be missed and present them to their tribe.

4. Discussion

Curation is about fostering discussion. It’s about providing a community with the key topics that they should be discussing and offering a platform through which they can.

5. Equality

The curator must provide equality in whose voices get heard. Not to ignore the bigger voices just because their louder, but to recognise that smaller voices may have just as much, if not more, to contribute.

The Indie Film Hub aims to do all of this and more. Independent filmmakers are a determined, knowledgeable and supportive tribe who are frequently the first to grab hold and taken advantage of new ways of doing things, from content creation to publicity and beyond.

Our aim is to create a site that collects the best of the web for indie filmmakers in a place where discussion is encouraged and interaction embraced.

More than that, though, the Indie Film Hub is about the human influence. It’s about real bloggers, real filmmakers and real collaboration. No bots, no aggregators pulling content from keywords searches. Every single post on the site is personally hand-picked and re-published by a person. And not just a person. A Filmmaker.

That’s where the power of curation really shines.

Oli Lewington is a Digital Producer and Social Media Specialist as well as being founder and Curator-in-Chief of