Hardcore Indie…Meet The Team

From the founders of #HARDCORE INDIE.  This article represents the first of many in a series on how their collaboration came to be and more.  This column is going to follow the birth and evolution of an indie studio.  Please check out their Kickstarter campaign HERE.






David has two features films to his credit. “Pasty Faces.” A comedy caper movie that was set in Scotland, LA, and Las Vegas. His most recent feature was the self financed “MISSION X,” which is currently being considered for a bigger remake.

“SCREEN” is the project he has wanted to make for the last four years. An original terrifying horror/thriller, about a gang of young people that are found scared to death in front of a drive-in movie screen.

David “The film has to be made 100% independent to keep the control. Partnering with Tulsa based Oklahoma Ward & Nicole Alonso is the perfect collaboration for this film. Which I hope will continue for many years.




Oklahoma Ward is the writer/producer/director of “THE ISOLATION OF SUBJECT #136.” A gritty visionary feature about a man in forced isolation in a room. (Trailer)

IF YOU WANNA LIVE AND YOU CAN’T RUN – YOU BETTER “CRAWL.” CRAWL is Oklahoma’s second feature. An unrelenting, no holds barred, claustrophobic horror/thriller in the vain of Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’, and Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’.

CRAWL is about a group of people trapped underground inside a 3ft wide tunnel fighting to stay alive.

You can find out more about Oklahoma Ward and his hardcore indie project from his website. Check out the live feed from the “CRAWL” set that is currently being built.



Nicole Alonso is an Actress, Singer, Songwriter from Jersey. She has been acting in various projects for years. Her first main role was in Oklahoma Ward’s first feature film “THE ISOLATION OF SUBJECT #136.

She also played the lead in the short “The Battle of Tinker,” and her music video for her song “Hot Mess” won an audience award at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival. For her next roles – Nicole has been cast as the lead in Oklahoma Ward’s feature film “CRAWL.” She will also play a lead role in “SCREEN.”

Nicole and Oklahoma are partners – They are a dedicated and passionate team when it comes to making exciting independent films.




I recently decided to partner my project with Oklahoma Ward & Nicole Alonso. A very talented, passionate, and extremely dedicated Film-making couple from Tulsa.

Partnering up with other film-makers was not something I ever even thought about. Film-making is obviously about collaborations and teams within a project, but outside that, I wasn’t interested at all. Until I came across Oklahoma Ward & Nikki Alonso. They are the real deal!

First of all, I am a huge fan of this couple because of their focus and dedication, AND they have the talent to back it up. Which is rare. VERY rare! We met online about a year ago, and clicked pretty much right away. I have never identified with two people in this biz more.

I had a project sitting on the desk of a big finance film company. A remake of my micro budget film “MISSION X”. Six months on, they are still deciding. I had another project called “SCREEN” An original gritty horror flick, that always gets positive feedback from people when I tell them the pitch.

“SCREEN” is the type of horror flick suits being shot micro budget, no stars, and Tulsa is perfect. Oklahoma offered me a role in his film “CRAWL”, and asked me why I didn’t consider shooting “SCREEN” in Tulsa, but I was still getting interest from this finance and sales company for “MERCENARY”

All through this, I talked with Oak & Nikki on skype more regular, and we talked about our ambitions of having our own studio one day. We identified with the same approach to the business, and the films we like. It then just hit me one morning a few weeks ago.

Sometimes in life, if you’re lucky, and listening, really listening, the stars align for you. Its then up to you to decide to “Take the leap and the net will appear” attitude. Thats what I decided to do from only 2 weeks ago.

It’s the most sensible decision I have made my whole career in this biz. I also believe we will be creating a studio together and a whole slate of movies, online content. Sometimes people meet in life, click, and thats it! You have to rock and roll with it!

We then thought we should try to make this happen. Get together to make these movies, and build a company. We then realised this is the best time to document it all for a documentary feature.

So “HARDCORE INDIE” was born!


The first day I met Oklahoma Ward, I knew he was a filmmaker I wanted to work with for many years. I believed in him and what he was doing before seeing ANY of his work.

I could just tell by his passion, the way he dealt with me as an actor – he was the real deal. I felt like the luckiest actor alive to have the opportunity to meet and be involved with such a talented passionate filmmaker at the beginning of his career.

He gave me a role in his first feature film, The Isolation of Subject #136. I never looked back . I let him know up front – I was in this fight for the long haul. I would do everything I could to help.

I meant it.

I believe the reason he and I became close was the hard fought experience of making Isolation. To my (and his) surprise – after a while, everyone who said they’d be there to help – was not. We were left holding the bag. Post. Sound. All of it. But that didn’t stop us! We forged ahead. We believed in what we were doing! Always will.

That holds true with every project we work on, including our second feature: CRAWL.

It was shocking how difficult it was to find people with our same drive and dedication. It seemed there were a ton of people talking, few if any – actually DOING! Then we were introduced to David Baker by a true independent film supporter, Jessi Renzi. Oak said enthusiastically one morning, “You’ve GOT to watch this guy’s videos!” The minute I watched them – I saw that same spark, same drive in David. The same drive I saw in Oak when I first met him. I knew then – THIS David is someone we need to know.

This is someone I want to work with!

We all connected through social media and began talking – this led to numerous skype chats. These conversations solidified – David was on the same page as us! We wanted to team up with him and so we began discussing possibilities – that is how “HARDCORE INDIE” came to be.


The FIRST major life changing moment in my filmmaking life – my parents! They are unwavering in their support.

The SECOND major life changing moment in my filmmaking life – Nicole Alonso.


I was sitting at a table with Peter Broderick in Peter’s home. Peter had just watched my first film, The Isolation of Subject #136. I asked him what he thought? He smiled, said “Thank you for asking, most filmmakers never ask me that question. They just ask, ‘How do I sell this?’.” Peter and I had a great discussion about my movie – the good, the bad. That was the first time I realized the reality – as an independent filmmaker – what I was facing. Yes, the movie had taken me 5 years make and get in front of Peter Broderick, and now – I was looking at another 2-3 years of – as Peter stated – more hard work than I had done in the last 5 years making my movie – trying to gain an audience for it. Peter and I and Nikki formed a plan – a six year plan. A hard plan. A plan that involved the movie CRAWL. A ton-of-work plan. Nikki and I left that meeting – and put that plan into effect.

Peter Broderick is…

The THIRD major life changing moment in my filmmaking life.

I have felt my whole life – artists need to support other artists. I will also say – there has always been that person saying “That sounds great – but artists are in competition with each other. They will “say” they will help each other – but in reality, they won’t.

On most social media sites one can find people screaming, “Indie needs Indie and Let’s support each other!” Reality – very few do. Oh, they may RT once, twice. Chime in with idle chat. Scream at the top of their lungs what others should be doing. But actually make a sacrifice – walk into a studio and say – here I am. I am free of charge. I’m here for the long haul. Let’s do this. Roll up their sleeves – get their hands dirty. Sacrifice.

That will happen – oh – maybe once, probably never.

Enter: David P. Baker.

The FOURTH major life changing moment in my filmmaking life.

Jessi Renzi (@CORKY242) a true and real independent film supporter – contacted me and said – “You should check out David Baker”. I did. This is what David P. Baker said – and this is what changed my life forever…