Day 4 of Mattson Tomlin’s DREAM LOVER by Lucas McNelly

Maria Rowene

A question of authorship and culpability: if a director has you break a mirror, who gets the 7 years of bad luck? Is it the person who actually broke the mirror or the person who wanted the mirror broken? Does the bad luck even apply if the mirror was broken on purpose, to achieve a specific goal?

Side note: I wonder what the cashier at Target thinks when 4 guys buy 10 full-length mirrors and 2 cases of Red Bull. That can’t be a normal day.

The mirror works like this: They have to be removed from the frames, which results in maybe 7 of them surviving undamaged (they’re kind of cheap). The broken ones go in a pile. The rest are placed face-down on the floor, then epoxied to some wooden stands held down by sandbags and cans of paint. Meanwhile, Shane Sheely takes to the broken parts with a hammer in an attempt to test out an idea. So, if anyone is going to get the bad luck, I’d put money on Shane.

Shane's A-Rod impression

Then, it’s a question of arranging the mirrors in a way to achieve a maximum effect while hiding the cameras and lights and crew and whatnot. Easier said than done. I’m the stand-in for this part. I’m pretty good at being a stand-in.

As you can see, there’s a lot going into this. The mirrors have to be cleaned. In the end, we had to gaff tape the edges so they’d blend into the black background. All so Maria Rowene could step in and do her thing.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

From there, we move across the street to a room with a really big red wall that, for some reason, proves incredibly difficult to photograph. We’ve been joined by Logan Bruner, who plays young Anderson. Logan is a Mets fan who makes me feel incredibly old by not even knowing who Bill Buckner is. This, of course, is like a knife in the heart of a Red Sox fan. How could he not be aware of such pain and heartache? Simple. It was over a decade before he was even born. Bloody hell.

Filipp & Logan

Logan & Maria

One nice thing about young actors is how much energy they bring to a production. Logan is either the most gung-ho kid around or he found one of the cases of Red Bull. For example, he doesn’t mind running down a hallway in front of a motorcycle. In fact, he thinks it sounds like a really cool idea. And he’s right. Maybe it’s because the rest of us are older (and wiser?), but we’re a bit nervous.

The motorcycle madness ends just before the building opens for the day. And that, is a wrap on [Mattson Tomlin‘s) DREAM LOVER.


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