Canadian Filmmaker Focuses on Quality and Debuts Two Films in US at Arizona Film and Media Expo

Canadian Filmmaker Focuses on Quality and
Debuts Two Films in US at Arizona Film and Media Expo


Written by Lynette Carrington


Being an indie filmmaker can be a daunting task. The love of the craft has to exist alongside unique collaborative and technical skills. Toronto filmmaker, Jared Pelletier has focused his film vision, surrounded himself with like-minded talent and decided to dive in to the United States film fest market with two short films, ‘Last Minute’ and ‘In the Hearts of Men’.

After becoming intrigued with Bond films at a young age, Jared Pelletier picked up the camera and began to recreate scenes from his favorite films. “I feel like a little kid when I’m making films. It excites me the way it used to and I’m certain this will always be the case,” Jared Pelletier said of his filmmaking passion. A recent graduate of Toronto Media and Film College, he found that the finest points and expertise in making film happen outside of the classroom. “I think many believe that attending these schools will suddenly enable you to make great pieces of work. Time and time again, I’ve seen work which makes it evident that more is required than film school. It takes a passion in your craft…” Pelletier explained. As testament to his passion and talent, he was awarded Best Overall Picture and Sound Design for his film, ‘The Haunted Soldier’ at the 2010 Toronto Student Film Festival. He hopes to introduce himself in to the American market and possibly interest investors while engaging in the film festival circuit starting with the Arizona Film and Media Expo (AZFAME).

The first film that Pelletier submitted to AZFAME was ‘Last Minute’. The short film follows the last words of a passenger on one of the doomed flight of 9/11. “Upon researching more and more, it hit me how many people were affected by the attacks. This furthered my goal of making an emotional story about a very simple family facing extraordinary circumstance,” Pelletier said, “I’m proud to have made the film; it remains one of the closest to me.” For the voiceover, he chose Actor and frequent collaborator, Anthony Ingruber, who is fresh off a role in Disney’s ‘Avalon High’. “I allowed him to get into the mindset of this character by allowing him to interpret and perform the role while offering my own suggestions, but with no limitation to his creativity,” noted Pelletier. He has also chosen Ingruber to take on a new role in his upcoming fan film, ‘Halo: Faith’. “I have complete confidence in his talents and his performance always exceeds my own vision of the role,” said Pelletier. ‘Halo Faith’ will incorporate the skills of Director of Photography, Erick Tallek who was a fellow student of Pelletier’s in film school.

Pelletier and Tallek hashed out some ideas for the second film submission for AZFAME for the American soldier/war-based ‘In the Hearts of Men’ in their earliest school semesters. The short film follows a group of soldiers in to war and touches on the hellish bonds that tie them together in their environment. The idea was formulated but the budget was tight and didn’t leave a lot of room for “extras”. “…Since WWII already had plenty of footage and films, it made it even a larger task to maintain a level of unrepeated style and look to the film,” Erik Tallek said. ”In results, I decided to shoot on the infamous Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I chose the Mark II over other DSLR’s for specific reasons,” stated Tallek. “With my choice of lens, I knew that full frame was really the only logical way to go. Since 100% of the film was shot outdoors…plenty of natural light would allow me to have an Open Shutter with minimal ISO.”

‘In the Hearts of Men’ was Pelletier’s first big project out of school. “Our screenplay was changing up until a week prior due to limitations in our resources, the inability to have complete storyboards, etc., all made the film a huge challenge on set, and a bigger challenge in post. I now realize the importance of a meticulous planning process. My approach is now far more calculated than ever before,” Pelletier explained. Like Pelletier and Ingruber, Pelletier and his D.P., Tallek have formed bonds that allow them to work together seamlessly and in a synergistic fashion.

They continue to move forward with another unique project. “We are shooting a Halo fan film entitled Halo: Faith this March and an upcoming feature film to be released in 2012,” said Tallek. Pelletier and Tallek both anxiously await the results of the Arizona Film and Media Expo Short Film Festival (, to then decide what road to take next or where to seek funding. Up to this point, what little funding there has been has just been out of the pockets of those involved. Hopefully with more American exposure and attention from potential investors, future films will evolve in to full length feature films. He’s also open to the possibility of fan-funding a film if traditional methods don’t pan out. Pelletier foresees a possible move to the U.S. in the future. “One of the main reasons for my content being so heavily geared towards the U.S. is because that’s where I want to be. I know that California is the hub and I know that’s where I need to be for my goals to be achieved,” he finished.

The 2nd Annual Film and Media Expo will be held March 12th and 13th and the short film festival will feature Film Courage contributor, and Actor/Producer/Writer Gregor Collins and Actor/Director Christopher Atkins among the distinguished judges.

Lynette Carrington is the Lifestyle Editor for Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine and frequent contributor to various other lifestyle, entertainment and business publications across the United States and online.  In the past she has been Manager and Publicist for internationally-known artist Ruby Mazur and currently is the Publicist for Actor, Anthony Ingruber.  A life-long fan of film, she loves to support all forms of entertainment and covers the acting and support talent that continues to provide such a rich diversity in television, stage, music, art and film.

About Jared Pelletier:

Jared Pelletier grew up and currently resides in Aurora, north of Toronto, Ontario. Knowing his calling was film, he began making short movies with friends at a young age. In high school, he realized these dreams might have been unrealistic, and decided to go a safer route by beginning University. He quickly realized that he needed to pursue something that would continue to drive him and give him ambition. He immediately began pursuing a career in film. At the age of twenty, the past two years have been a whirlwind of attending and graduating film school, but having short films go on to festivals and pick up awards, and be shortlisted at Cannes in ’09 has been an honor.