2011 Spirit Award Nominee Video Interviews

    2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards Interview Introductions – Watch how all the nominees establish their own style for these interviews and hear about their first Spirit Award memories.

    Cameras – check. Nominees – check. Interview questions – check. Complete freedom – oh, the possibilities.  

    Masochistic, pizza, and collaboration – three words our nominees used to describe making an independent film and more.


    What are you wearing? What’s it like working with Philip Seymour Hoffman? What’s your next project? Hear the nominees dish on their fave and least fave questions when walking that long red carpet.

    Nominees bring on the love and tell us about the team effort and passion involved in making an independent film.


    Everything from getting shot at in Afghanistan to sharing a bathroom with Nicole Kidman to catching on fire. Hear the lengths that these nominees go to when shooting their film.


    How do these nominees zen out or get pumped before that camera rolls?


    Whether they’re a novelist, fisherman or a vegan baker, if these nominees had to be doing something else with their lives, it would undoubtedly be done in a creative manner.


    Hear nominees gush about their favorite nominated films and which they would have worked on given the opportunity


    Tango lessons, babies, sleep, and more ways our nominees celebrated finishing their films.

    It may be changing, but nominees are optimistic on the future of Independent Cinema.

    A walk with Hossein Keshavarz, director of Dog Sweat


    Laurel Nakadate, director of The Wolf Knife, takes a pony ride

    Mike Ott questions himself on LiTTLEROCK

    Taking a drive with Bryan Poysner and Megan Gilbride, the team behind Lovers of Hate

    Safdie Brothers and Casey Neistat take talk of Daddy Longlegs to the blood bank

    Only in New York – Matthew Bonifacia and Carmine Famigletti discuss their nominated film Lbs. on the NY subway

    From a Craigslist ad to an Indie Spirit nomination – an interview with the team behind Obselidia

    Black Swan producer Mike Medavoy on indie cinema, inspiration, and the makings of a genius