How Cinematic Can You Be If You Have No Money? — R.L. Scott

Film Courage: I’ve heard you mention composition many times. Do you even just go to Ralphs [a Los Angeles grocery chain] and say Okay this aisle I’m framing it here. I would do this over here?

R.L. Scott, Filmmaker: Absolutely. Yes. This was always a really big thing for me. I would notice the way things were framed and what I deemed cinematic. I always felt that was one of the weapons of a person who is an independent filmmaker or a content creator versus money. I always felt like that was one of those tools that could help make your project better:

*The way it’s lit;

*The way it sounds;

*The way that you compose your shots.

The term ‘cinematic,’ How cinematic can you be?…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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