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Pitching A Movie Idea To A Manager Or Producer – Peter Katz

Film Courage: I have something I would love feedback on. It’s a mashup time travel horror genre film. Our...

How To Know If You Have A Great Movie Idea – Jim Agnew

Film Courage: What do you say to the screenwriter who says it's not their job to get...

Does A Movie Start With An Idea Or An Audience? – Jeff Deverett

Film Courage: Does a movie start with an idea or does it start with an audience?

How To Develop A Movie Idea In 10 Minutes – Van Ditthavong

Film Courage: Van if we were going to get a seven minute lesson from you on writing...

A Great Movie Idea Isn’t Enough – Kenneth Castillo

Film Courage: Let’s say someone has a great story idea, what do they do next?

Is It A Bad Idea For A 22 Year Old To Make A Feature...

Film Courage: Do you think you were too young to make your first feature film?

Reality Of Pitching Movie Ideas In Hollywood — Mark Sanderson

Film Courage: What’s the biggest screenwriting pitch you’ve ever gone out on and what happened?

A Winning Formula For Pitching investors A Movie Idea — R.L. Scott

Film Courage: I’m wondering if you can tell us the story of how you’re finishing up (or...

10 Ways To Come Up With Movie Ideas

  0:03 — Idea Every Day 2. 3:44 — The 100 Idea Theory

The Idea: How Does A Filmmaker Know They Have The Right One? — Brian...

Film Courage: Where does a movie begin for you? Brian Avenet-Bradley, Filmmaker: I think for...
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