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What Screenwriters Get Wrong With Producer Notes – Mark Sanderson

Film Courage: Mark you added off-camera some interesting tidbits about writers that you were surprised by?

How To Develop A Movie Idea In 10 Minutes – Van Ditthavong

Film Courage: Van if we were going to get a seven minute lesson from you on writing...

Why Filmmaking Is Frustrating – Evan Kidd

Film Courage: What frustrates you most about filmmaking? Evan Kidd, Filmmaker/Podcaster: It’s kind of...

Stereotypical: My Filmmaking Journey From The Harbor To Hollywood – Kenneth Castillo FULL INTERVIEW

Film Courage: People who wait for a filmmaking career will never have one? Without of course naming...

Best Way To Start A Screenplay Is To Write The Logline – Zach Zerries

Film Courage: Does your process change every time you write a screenplay or has it evolved where...

7 Things You Should Know About A Film Distribution Deal - Jeff Deverett

Film Courage: How much time should a filmmaker put into distribution versus pre-production or production?

Does The Hero In A Hollywood Movie Always Have To Win? – Mark Sanderson

Film Courage: What do you think about when you’re creating a protagonist versus an antagonist?

What Makes A Surprise Movie Ending Work? – Travis Seppala

Film Courage: What is connectivity in a screenplay? Why is that important? Travis Seppala,...

Writing A Treatment And Synopsis For A Screenplay – Shane Stanley

Film Courage: What if someone doesn’t know the difference between a synopsis versus a treatment?

What Makes A Beautiful Shot? — Andy Rydzewski

Film Courage: What makes a beautiful shot? Andy Rydzewski, Cinematographer: What makes a beautiful shot?...
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