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Lessons On Directing Hollywood Movies – Frank Coraci [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: How old were you when you decided you were going to film school?

How To Direct A Great Scene – Frank Coraci

Film Courage: How do you direct a great scene? What are you looking for? What has to...

Never Talk Politics At Family Dinner – Frank Coraci

Film Courage: The term Yuppie coined in the 1980’s and the gentrification going on in New York...

A Blueprint For Great Storytelling — Frank Coraci

Film Courage: Sometimes you can show your side of something, it doesn’t mean you can change someone’s...

Why Movies Fall Apart In The 3rd Act – Frank Coraci

Film Courage: Who had bigger dreams at that point, you or Adam ? Frank...

Hollywood Directors Have These 3 Skills – Frank Coraci

Film Courage: What did making a movie teach you about filmmaking and the business?

How Frank Coraci Booked His First Hollywood Directing Job

Film Courage: …So it goes to home video and meanwhile, how long then before you get...

Making A Feature Film Is The Scariest Thing For A Filmmaker by Frank Coraci

Film Courage: Your first featured film was MURDERED INNOCENCE? Frank Coraci, Director: MURDERED INNOCENCE…it’s kind...

3 Rules For Success In Hollywood — Kenneth Castillo

Kenneth Castillo, Filmmaker/Author: One thing in my book I said I kept reading from “industry insiders” and it...
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