Essentials To Marketing A Movie – Alok Mishra


Film Courage: What makes a movie marketable?

Alok Mishra, Producer: There could be a lot of things that make it marketable. I find, look, everyone says, Stars sell films, it’s not untrue. It definitely helps to have recognizable faces, beloved faces that are in your movie. Sometimes you can’t afford people because you’re low-budget, SAG ultra-low-budget film. So, genre, I think that’s something that helps sell a film. You have horror movies, for example. There are, I don’t know, 220 horror conventions a year. There’s not 220 romantic comedy conventions, right? This audience is a very loyal audience. They’re seeking this kind of material out. They definitely love physical media, so you can have different revenue streams based on whatever kind of movie you’ve made. If it’s a genre movie, they’re loyal, very loyal. And for some of them, they really don’t care about the quality of the film necessarily. If it’s a gross-out slasher or something, and it’s the worst movie ever, somebody loves that movie. By the way, there’s some horror fan that just adores that movie. It doesn’t have to necessarily be of the highest quality. But everything else, there are people that are discerning within the genre too. The people who want smarter films or enjoy the A24 type of movies, which are very interesting and thoughtful. A lot of different things can go into it. You could have a movie with no stars, but it’s just the most spectacular ballet of violence and action and everything else that people love. You don’t need to have any stars in The Raid. The Raid: Part Two was even better than The Raid: Part One, and you don’t know any of those people, at least you didn’t at the time. They became action stars of sorts. But it can be just the way it’s presented. It can be so stylistic that it’s just so interesting. There’s a Russian film called…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Alok Mishra is a producer known for 1BR (2019), Girl on a Bicycle (2013) and Tales of the Uncanny (2020).






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