7 Core Principles To Pitching A Story Idea – Scott Kirkpatrick


In this Film Courage video interview, Executive Vice President of Co-Productions and Distribution Scott Kirkpatrick, emphasizes the seven core principles of pitching, acknowledging that while technology and interactions evolve, these principles remain constant. The first principle is the importance of selling yourself and your idea, as merely having a great script won’t get noticed unless you actively pitch it to the right people. Listening is the second principle, as understanding the needs and preferences of potential clients or partners is crucial for a successful pitch…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Scott Kirkpatrick is the Executive Vice President of Co-Productions & Distribution for Nicely Entertainment—a Los Angeles-based production and distribution company that produces original TV movies and scripted TV series—where he brokers major content deals and has executive produced a variety of TV movies including “The Art of Christmas”, “Sappy Holiday” and “The Snowball Effect”. Previously, Kirkpatrick served as the Senior Vice President of North American Sales & Business Development for the London-based NENT Studios UK where he oversaw international television distribution deals on a variety of programs including BBC’s “The Cry”, Channel 4’s “Shameless” and ITV’s “Doc Martin”. Prior to this, Kirkpatrick served as Executive Director of Distribution for MarVista Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based production and distribution company that produces original TV movies and has managed international TV deals on major franchises, including “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. Before shifting to the distribution side of the industry, Kirkpatrick worked behind the scenes on major studio productions, including “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”, and has produced and directed TV series and feature films including “Eye for an Eye” and “Roadside Massacre”. He is the author of the books “Writing for the Green Light: How to Make Your Script the One Hollywood Notices” and “Introduction to Media Distribution: Film, Television and New Media”. Kirkpatrick lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. 






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