Selling A Reality TV Show Idea [PART 2] – Troy DeVolld


In this video interview, Producer/Author Troy DeVolld talks about selling reality shows has evolved in the last 20 years with an increased reliance on importing concepts from other countries. Formats from different places are sought after because they are proven and reduce the risk of losing money during development. Repackaging and reselling formats globally has become a common practice, allowing creators from other countries to gain exposure in the United States. While it’s not impossible for someone outside the industry to sell a show, it’s challenging without connections or previous experience. Having talent attached or associating with people who can pitch with you can increase your chances. Selling a reality show differs from selling a screenplay or movie as reality shows involve more collaboration and input from various individuals. People often believe reality shows are easier to make and have a better understanding of their production process compared to movies. When contacting industry professionals, it’s advised not to blindly email anyone and to go through proper channels or seek introductions. Sending unsolicited materials can be unprofessional, and it’s better to engage in a conversation or seek advice instead of asking for immediate action. Finding representation, such as an agent or entertainment attorney, is crucial for getting your work noticed, although it can be challenging. Alternatively, an attorney with industry connections can help submit your materials, but it may come with a fee or a percentage of future earnings…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)



Producer Troy DeVolld, widely regarded as a leading authority on the reality television production process, boasts some four dozen credits spanning THE OSBOURNES to Food Network’s BIG BAD BUDGET BATTLE and bestselling books REALITY TV: AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO TELEVISION’S HOTTEST MARKET and AND ANOTHER THING: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO THE TELEVISION NOTES PROCESS. He’s contributed to or been quoted in publications like TIME and NEWSWEEK and been seen on TODAY and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. He’s a 1996 graduate of Full Sail University and the ninth inductee into its Hall of Fame. 


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