How The Hero’s Journey Helps Writers With Their Characters – Christopher Vogler


In this video interview, Author Christopher Vogler shares how The Hero’s Journey is deeply ingrained in storytelling and our human understanding of stories. Whether it is a learned social construct or a fundamental aspect of our biology, we instinctively recognize and respond to this narrative pattern. Vogler provides a stick figure analogy that demonstrates our innate engagement with characters and their desires, whether they evoke curiosity, empathy, or anticipation. Vogler goes on to explain how The Hero’s Journey can be seen as an algorithm or a form, it is not a strict formula that restricts creativity. As artists, we have an obligation to break and defy these storytelling conventions, surprising the audience with fresh combinations or missing elements…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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Christopher Vogler made documentary films as an Air Force officer before studying film production at the University of Southern California, where he encountered the ideas of mythologist Joseph Campbell and observed how they influenced the story design of the first Star Wars movie. He worked as a story consultant in the development departments of 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Pictures and Animation, and Paramount Pictures, and wrote an influential memo on Campbell’s Hero’s Journey concept that led to his involvement in Disney’s Aladdin, The Lion King and Hercules. After the publication of The Writer’s Journey, he had a hand in developing the stories of many productions, including Disney’s remake of 101 Dalmatians, Fox’s Fight Club, Courage Under Fire, Volcano, The Thin Red Line and many others. Vogler lives in Los Angeles, California. 






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