If You’re Not Making Movies You’re Not In The Movie Business – R. Ellis Frazier


In this Film Courage interview, Director/Producer and BADHOUSE Studios CEO (Mexico) R. Ellis Frazier shares advice to filmmakers who are struggling to get their projects made. Frazier touches on the importance of perseverance and continuous work, even if compromises are necessary. He suggests being open to making adjustments to the budget, script, or casting to move forward and gain experience. Frazier advises against waiting for ideal conditions and instead encourages filmmakers to adapt to the demands of the market and take risks. He highlights the significance of listening to feedback and collaborating with distributors, actors, and investors to increase chances of success. Frazier acknowledges that starting out may involve financial constraints and challenges, but building a strong network, reputation, and track record will eventually make the process easier.  In the early stages of filmmaking, Frazier suggests approaching distributors first rather than investors, as they can provide valuable guidance and help secure financing…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Image from R. Ellis Frazier’s IMDB


R. Ellis Frazier is a producer and director, known for Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright (2010), The Line (2009) and Misfire (2014) and many more. Frazier is the CEO of Badhouse Studios Mexico.  







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