Painful Truths About Being A New York Times Best Selling Author – Anna David


Film Courage: How is a New York Times best-selling author different from a Wall Street Journal or USA Today author?

Anna David, Publisher, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Television Personality: The New York Times Best Seller list is the Holy Grail of lists. The New York Times just has a mystique and an allure that no other publication on earth does. The Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists are strictly by the numbers whereas the New York Times list, yes they’re looking at sales numbers, but they’ve been open about the fact that it is an editorial decision. A lot of people try to game these lists and there were companies that allegedly, for two hundred thousand dollars, could get you on the New York Time Best Seller list. There was a scandal a few years ago, a book called…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Anna David is the New York Times bestselling author of two novels and six non-fiction books. She has appeared repeatedly on Today, The Talk, Good Morning America and had a running segment on G4’s Attack of the Show that she co-hosted with Olivia Munn for three years. Her company, Legacy Launch Pad, writes and publishes books for thought leaders and her podcast has featured interviews with authors such as Robert Greene and Chris Voss. Her first book, Party Girl, is in development as a film tentatively scheduled to be shot in 2023.




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