Imagination Is The Secret To Greatness – Jocelyn Jones


Film Courage: How does imagination cultivate the life of our dreams?

Jocelyn Jones, Acting Teacher/Author:  To have a dream, to have a life of your dreams, you have to dream and dreaming is Imagination. You use your imagination to dream. Einstein talks about imagination. I can’t give you a bunch of clever ones but you should look them up because Einstein and imagination are unbelievable. Another person that I admire and adore and was lucky enough to spend time with as a child is Buckminster Fuller. Buckminster Fuller talks about imagination. Look at Buckminster Fuller’s imagination. He went against all greats. Bucky Fuller designed the geodesic dome, nobody had seen a shape like this. This was an architecture that didn’t exist before but he dared to dream. It’s really that thing of dare to dream. When you dare to dream, you engage your imagination. Your imagination is the most powerful thing you have. One of the greatest problems with young people today is that they’re not reading. Reading is singularly the greatest exercise for your imagination. If you and I read the same book, we make two completely different movies in our heads. You have to visualize the movie, you have to imagine the movie from the book to your head to your imagination to create a movie you create one, I create another. When we watch a movie we are delivered the pictures and so we pretty much see the same movie. When you read you have to make pictures in your head and this is the problem with today (illiteracy today) is all the pictures are being delivered and they’re being delivered on television. They’re being delivered on your computer. They’re being delivered on your cell phone. They’re just all these, and advertising, it’s just all pictures delivered so we get lazy and we don’t think we have to make any pictures in our head. If we can’t make pictures in our head…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Jocelyn Jones has been an acting teacher for over thirty years. From A-list movie stars to hand-picked beginners, Ms. Jones is known for offering insights and techniques that enhance her clients’ confidence; provide consistent, inspirational results; and guide them to their own unique perspectives. Her memoir, Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within, is a blueprint for awakening and connecting to the spirit within—the Artist, capable of manifesting anything. Ms. Jones is also known for the critically acclaimed documentary series In Class with Jocelyn Jones, A Celebration of Actors & Acting, featuring sixteen studio members as they demonstrate the range of work taught in her Master Class. Learn more at

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