Beginner’s Guide To Being A Writer – Tony DuShane [FULL INTERVIEW]


Film Courage: Tony, we have a quote from you and it is “Writing is about putting life on the page. It’s about finding the amazing in the mediocrity and the beautiful in the sewers. It’s important to get it on the page and be a writer.” Can we talk about that quote? 

Tony DuShane, Writer/Podcaster/Teacher: Sure, that sounds great. I don’t know when I said that? It sounds good. I guess probably at the time when I was probably thinking of just getting life’s messiness and the beauty on the page or on the screen if we can because that’s where I try to go for when I’m writing is What’s the heartache? What devastates me? Now what’s the levity? Where can I find the emotional breath in it? Because just as I continue to write and live I just find out Oh wait, everything is kind of suffering and struggle but there’s a lot of joy in it. If I’m struggling then there’s joy I guess for putting it on the page. We condense it into a…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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Tony DuShane is the author and award-winning screenwriter of Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk. The book was published by Soft Skull Press and the feature film, directed by Eric Stoltz, was released in 2018 and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. His journalism and essays has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Mother Jones, Penthouse, The Rumpus, The Believer, and other media outlets. He teaches writing at UCLA Extension and his journalism has appeared in Mother Jones, The Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle. He hosts the literary podcast Drinks with Tony every Wednesday. 



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