Here’s Why Comic Books Don’t Always Help Movie Sales – Houston Howard

Film Courage: [Reading comment] “Sorry guys this entire theory doesn’t hold water at all. The massive breakthrough success of the MCU [The Marvel Cinematic Universe] has done almost NOTHING (in all caps) to increase the sales of Marble comics. As a matter of fact the books are struggling big time (look it up). Conversely, Iron Man was a lesser-known Marvel hero when his movie dropped, and the Guardians of the Galaxy were mostly obscure comic book d-listers, both suggesting that it wasn’t comic readers that made the movies succeed it was also the QUALITY of the Marvel movies, AS MOVIES, that made people care. So yeah, go ahead and try to launch a comic and/or novel and/or video game while you simultaneously meet the herculean task of shooting and promoting an indie movie. Good luck there, you will need it.” 

Houston Howard, Transmedia Author/Speaker: Sure, yeah, absolutely. I think if you pull that apart a little bit there’s a couple interesting things that I would respond to because I want to have empathy for that comment and the comments…interesting and I’ll take the middle comment there first about the herculean task of trying to do it simultaneous of a movie. That’s crazy. You should never try to be doing it simultaneous to the film. I would never advocate you trying to create a comic book while you’re trying to make a movie. That’s crazy. You should never do that. You should be creating the comic book well before you ever make the movie for sure. Anybody that’s ever made a movie knows how all-encompassing it is to make a movie. You can’t do anything. You can barely feed yourself and pay your bills and take your dogs on a walk while you’re trying to at the same time of making a movie. Your whole life stops just so you can do it. There’s no way you’re going to be able to be managing the production of a mobile game and the production of an album and the production of a comic book while you’re making a movie. So I would 100 percent agree with the comment about that. Don’t do it. Let’s just avoid that altogether. Now that doesn’t…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Special thanks to The LA Film School for allowing us to film this video interview on their campus.



Houston Howard is a professor, producer, author, speaker and thought leader in the entertainment and branding communities because of his unique and proprietary transmedia approach to story. Houston has written several books about transmedia including Make Your Story Really Stinkin’ Big and You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story. He had advised companies such as Mattel, Disney Imagineering, ABC, CBS, Reliance Media Works, West Coast Customs, Samuel Goldwyn Films and Harper Collins Publishing, as well as designing a number of transmedia-focused projects for Fox, the CW, TNT, Slinky and the writers of Toy Story, Houston has an impressive amount of of experience designing projects that are primed for the 21st Century. He is Chief Storyteller and Co-Founder of One 3 Creative.







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