Hollywood Is A Sewer That Produces Gold by Peter Russell

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Film Courage: So we can go back father to FATHER KNOWS BEST, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, was it the DONNA REED show? So that’s even more safe within this little box…I mean I LOVE LUCY was silly and you could have fun with [the characters] but I’m talking about where you saw very defined roles for the mother and father and the good children versus the Eddie Haskells.

And now it’s almost like Okay we know a lot of stuff has been a big lie and that many of the mighty have fallen in some ways. Let’s just let it be and revel in that.

Peter Russell, Screenwriter/Story Doctor: I think art always does that. You know LEAVE IT TO BEAVER was considered a groundbreaking show when it came out, a very realistic show because it had kids talking back to their parents. Eddie Haskell actually said some mean things on camera. It was a ground breaking show at the time it came out compared to THE DONNA REED or the others which was very sanitized. So I think an art form if it’s growing continues to show you (this is going to be pompous I’m sorry) but I think this is why television is great. It shows you better and better what the world is really like. So television today I think is better because it’s more sophisticated and it actually shows us more of the world than TV did 30 years ago.

You know movies were cool because they showed us stuff that TV couldn’t. Movies were cool in the 70’s because we could see nudity, we could see violence, we could see obscenity, we could see themes that TV just couldn’t tackle, right?

Movies lost its edge over TV because now we can see all those things on TV. That’s part of why TV is cool, those rules don’t exist anymore. And I think when an art form is at its freest it can also be at its best. When it’s able to show everything about a society. Now we’re not there yet. There are still things we can’t show on TV…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here






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