Film Courage Top 25 Most Viewed Videos For 2016


Film Courage top 25 most viewed videos for 2016 in order of view count…


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1. 4 Reasons To Buy A Panasonic GH4 Camera by Ryan Haggerty


2. 12 Tips To Help A Screenwriter Write A Better Screenplay

12 Tips To Help A Screenwriter Write A Screenplay_am_writing_writing_tips_script_filmcourage

3. Why I Bought A Blackmagic Camera Over Renting A RED Camera (includes test footage)


4. A Screenwriter Who Doesn’t Do This Will Write A Boring Story by Peter Russell


5. EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT Interview with Ciro Guerra & Brionne Davis


6. 10 Rules Of Filmmaking by Tom Sachs of A SPACE PROGRAM


7. A Screenwriting Dialogue Master Class & More – Full Interview with William C. Martell


8. So Many Writers Have This Bad Habit by Jen Grisanti


9. First Time Leonardo DiCaprio Put On The Hugh Glass Costume For THE REVENANT by Jacqueline West


10. Two Big Mistakes Screenwriters Make When Developing Characters by William C. Martell


11. If A Screenwriter Can’t Answer This Question, They Shouldn’t Write The Screenplay


12. MR. ROBOT Script Analysis – Pilot Episode – Opening Hook, Central Question & Permanent Dilemma


13. A Filmmaker Has To Make Movies No Matter What – Shane Ryan Full Interview [TV-MA]


14. 3 Screenwriting Tools That Help The Audience Empathize With Characters by Karl Iglesias


15. Canon C100 Was The Perfect Camera For A Debut Feature (And To Capture Clowns) by Evan Kidd


16. Crowdfunding For Filmmakers – 6 Big Mistakes by John T. Trigonis


17. The Secret A Writer Needs To Know To Write A Great Story by William C. Martell


18. James Franco and Pamela Romanowsky On What THE ADDERALL DIARIES Means To Them



19. Open Call For Screenwriters Contest



20. What Screenwriters Should Know About A Character’s Inner Journey by Michael Hauge


21. A Documentary On The Real Story Of Kitty Genovese And 38 Witnesses – James Solomon Full Interview

Discovering the Real Story of Kitty Genovese and 38 Witnesses - Full Interview with James Solomon_new_york_city

22. Jaeden Lieberher & Clive Owen on Acting and THE CONFIRMATION


23. MR. ROBOT Script Analysis – Pilot Episode – FULL VERSION


24. Top 4 Reasons I Bought A Blackmagic Production Camera For My Next Movie by Kyle Valle


25. Great Stories Use This Key Component Early And Often by Peter Russell



(Check out the Film Courage Top 25 most viewed articles for 2016 here).





Watch CATCH 22: based on the unwritten story by seanie sugrue – coming soon on January 17, 2017

Catch 22: based on the unwritten story by seanie sugrue: With Hurricane Sandy looming on the horizon, five hard-lived friends come to from a send-off celebration alongside an unexplained dead girl. What are friends for?






Watch ORIGIN on iTunes Starting December 13, 2016

ORIGIN: Three science students are on the verge of making a breakthrough in their research into biohacking and cell aging. When one of them is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they break moral boundaries and use their untested research on him, in an attempt to save his life.





Watch THE WEEKEND SAILOR on VOD January 10, 2017

THE WEEKEND SAILOR is a new feature documentary about the unexpected victory of the Mexican yacht Sayula II in the first crewed sailing race around the world in 1974. The most demanding sailing quest in history.

Sailor, Ramon Carlín visits his rebellious son, Enrique in the United Kingdom and comes across a magazine advertising a sailing race around the world. Although he had been sailing casually for two years, Ramon embarks on this race and brings his son along as an opportunity to not only teach him discipline but real life experiences as well.