The Key To A Successful Filmmaking Collaboration by Nina Ljeti for James Franco’s Palo Alto Stories

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Kurt Cobain's Influence On My Movie MEMORIA by Nina Ljeti James Franco Palo Alto Stories Film Courage

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Directors: Nina Ljeti & Vladimir de Fontenay

Based on the stories “Memoria”, “Ivan” & “The deer”.

Memoria tells the story of Ivan Cohen, an anti-social, self-conscious boy living in the suburbs of Palo Alto, California. Unlike most kids in Palo Alto, Ivan comes from a working class family. Unable to get along with his mother and his step-father at home, Ivan retreats to a world of military combat in the confines of his bedroom, dreaming of his Russian military father who left him before he was born. Ivan’s friends are part of a very small subculture of punks and skateboarders in Palo Alto. They are unsupervised, careless and rebellious kids. Ivan floats aimlessly among them, a sensitive boy who is hopelessly searching for love, honesty and respect among his disaffected peers. Ivan is despairingly in love with a girl named Kelly, who doesn’t even know who he is. Ivan is also trying to be accepted by his friend Alex- an angry, careless boy whose drug use and cruel apathy for the feelings and well being of other people shatter Ivan’s innocence, and lead him down a path of self destruction. Disappointed in the selfish nature of all those around him, and heartbroken because he was never given the opportunity to love and be loved, Ivan’s honest and kind spirit is destroyed, leaving behind the empty shell of a man whose only way out is to destroy himself.

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“As some of you may already know, acting, creating art, writing, reading, and directing films are all vital components in my life.   In June 2011, I had the opportunity to publish my first book, Palo Alto. The book is a compilation of short fictional stories inspired by high school experiences and growing up in Palo Alto, California.  For this project, I have invited the talented up and coming filmmakers Nina Ljeti, Vladimir Bourdeau, Bruce Thierry Cheung, and Gabrielle Demeestere to adapt and direct some of my short stories into three different feature films: Memoria, Killing Animals, and Yosemite.

We are pledging to donate the profits made from the sale of these films to “The Art of Elysium.”  
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