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Brian Durkin’s THE TERRAIN

Editor's Note: Obviously, A Year Without Rent cannot be everywhere at once. With that in mind, I've started reaching out to fellow members of...


A NEW MEDIUM DAVID LUNDAY COMPOSER/DIRECTOR/SCREENWRITER Growing up, I never really thought I’d be anything else but a guitar player. By the time I had graduated from...

Keeping The Faith by Actress Wonder Russell

    Growing up, my dad tirelessly warned me away from working in the arts, an industry where someone else’s opinion can determine your success. He...

Being Poor and Making Rich Films

  Independent filmmakers working with little to no budget have to be extremely flexible, adaptable, and patient. Taking your time, sticking to it, and going...

Side By Side…Where It Came From And Where It Is Going

  I always knew my path. I would make short films, for no money; and I would get better and better at what I was...
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