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People Use Story To Make Sense Of The World by Adam Skelter

Film Courage: Currently, you are an author, screenwriter, story artist and director…which came first? Adam Skelter: I would say writer and a painter. Or a...

Storytelling Is A Bridge Between The Writer And Audience by Adam Skelter

Film Courage: When we tell a story, we’re entering into a contract with the audience? Adam Skelter, writer, director, story artist: Yes, from the video...

Top 25 Most Viewed Film Courage Videos Of 2018

1 - Bill Duke On The Cost People Pay For Success - 296,756 views 2 - Bill Duke Asks How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up? - 85,195...

Screenplay Outlining Tips From 8 Professional Screenwriters

Professional screenwriters share their tips for outlining screenplays.   Mark Sanderson - Watch the video interview on Youtube here Film Courage: What does an outline look like? Mark Sanderson, screenwriter...

This Story Structure Worked Perfect For My First Feature Film by Andrew Guerrero

Film Courage: Is there a certain structure you used or guidelines you followed ?
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