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karen worden

How An Unknown Filmmaker Without An Audience Raised $57,000 On SEED and SPARK by Emily Best

Top Ten Unconventional 'You Go Girl!' Movies


1. Angie - watch it here.

3 Mistakes A Screenwriter Typically Makes On Their First Screenplay by Vicki Peterson and Barbara Nicolosi

Not Every Movie Receives Million Dollar Distribution Offers At Sundance by Diane Bell and Chris Byrne of


To Finance A Movie, Filmmakers Have To Get Over Their Fear Of Asking For Money by Lydia Smith of WALKING THE CAMINO Documentary


What Is The Burning Man Temple? by Mike Hedge of the Documentary Film 'As The Dust Settles'


Life After HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT by Jeff Krulik - An 80's Documentary Film Outside a Maryland Judas Priest Concert


The Week After A Screenwriter Finishes A Screenplay Is A Week Of Mourning by Lee Jessup at Story Expo

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