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david branin

Everything Screenwriters Need To Know About Script Notes by Barbara Nicolosi and Vicki Peterson of 'Notes to Screenwriters'

Based On A True Story, What Screenwriters Need To Know by Michael C. Donaldson, Esq. and Lisa A. Callif, Esq.

Discovering Movies Online Is Awful Compared To Going To A Video Rental Store by Filmmaker Shane Ryan


What It Was Like Being One Of The First Filmmakers To Use The RED Camera by Mike Hedge


Breathing Technique For A Better Acting Performance featuring David Waugh and Rhomeyn Johnson


Launching An Acting Career In Los Angeles - Full Film Courage Interview with Man in a Box Actor Michael Galante


A Distributor’s POV On The Value Of An Independent Movie In Today’s Marketplace by Author Scott Kirkpatrick

Does An Evil Character Have Any Good In Them? by Writer Pamela Jaye Smith at Story Expo


When A Filmmaking Collaboration Goes Wrong by Mike Hedge

A 20 Year Education On The DVD Business by Filmmaker Shane Ryan


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