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Story Mastery and The Director's Journey - Full Interview with Michael Hauge and Mark W. Travis PART 2

The Willpower A Filmmaker Has To Have To Finish Their Movie by Mike Hedge of the Burning Man Doc 'As The Dust Settles'

When Filmmakers Allow Actors To Watch Their Dailies-Ruben Östlund / Johannes Bah Kuhnke of Spirit Award Nominated FORCE MAJEURE

Write What You Know Came to Play. Inter-Office and Interpersonal Relationships Have Always Fascinated Me by Andrew Blackburn



FC: Where did you grow up?

Top 100 Film Courage Videos for November 2014


1) Why Most People Fail At Screenwriting by John Truby

Last Month's Ranking:
Months on the Chart:  2

On A Microbudget Movie, You Often Can't Afford An Editor by Andy Viner of DICK NIGHT

I'm Tired Of Old School Methods Of Film Distribution by Hunter Weeks of WALTER and RIDE THE DIVIDE

What It'd Be Like To Win An Academy Award by Ruben Östlund and Johannes Bah Kuhnke of Spirit Award Nominated FORCE MAJEURE

Actors Of Color - Chapter 3 - The Portrayal Of People Of Color In Hollywood

Hope For Film - Full Film Courage Interview with Fandor CEO Ted Hope

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