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Temperament Of A Professional Film Editor - Full Interview with Affonso Gonçalves of CAROL Movie

Writing Your Script Ten Minutes at a Time - Full Interview With Pilar Alessandra at Story Expo 2015

An Exotic Woman’s Dress That Is Freedom, Flow and Fire by Actress/Producer Kalpana Pandit

Best Advice For Anyone Who Wants To Work Behind The Camera In The Movie Business by Judy Becker of CAROL Movie

Bel Powley and Marielle Heller Talk THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL


How To Have A Good Day by Robert Lawton CrowdSource Studios CEO

Filming A Movie On An iPhone - Lessons from TANGERINE Filmmaker Sean Baker

Joshua Oppenheimer’s THE LOOK OF SILENCE - First Movie Ever Where Survivors Confront Perpetrators While in Power

OZO - Nokia’s Professional VR Filmmaking Camera Set to Announce New Product Details November 30, 2015

Photos via Nokia


Choice Versus Simplicity

Speculation about virtual reality and its effects on human interaction, modern life, the consumption of media and advertising have been forecast for at least 3 decades.

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