4 Reasons Most Screenwriters Quit — Mark Sanderson

Film Courage: Why would a writer stop writing? Mark Sanderson, Author/Screenwriter: When they have nothing...

Writing And Selling A Screenplay In 3 Days – Shane Stanley

Film Courage: What is the shortest amount of time you’ve written a script? Shane...

Writing A Screenplay Inspired By Reality — Julian Shaw

Film Courage: At what point were you told by your producer that you needed a script because...

Never Let Anyone Tell You That Every Story Has Already Been Told - Jeff Kitchen

Film Courage: Never let anyone tell you that a story has already been told?

Best Way For A Writer To Learn Their Characters — Adam Cushman

Film Courage: How do you keep an audience guessing and surprise them with plot twists?

Characters Are Harder To Write Than Plot – Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: Do you write out all of the key beats before starting your script?

Stop The Negative Voice And Write Great Stories — Barbara Seymour Giordano [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: What was your childhood dream? Barbara Seymour Giordano, Writer and Coach, StoryWorksLA: That’s...

What Screenwriters Get Wrong With Producer Notes – Mark Sanderson

Film Courage: Mark you added off-camera some interesting tidbits about writers that you were surprised by?

How To Develop A Movie Idea In 10 Minutes – Van Ditthavong

Film Courage: Van if we were going to get a seven minute lesson from you on writing...
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