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karen worden

Changing A Movie Title For VOD Release by Shane Ryan of 'My Name Is ‘A’ By Anonymous'

Actor and Filmmaker Bill Duke’s Near Death Experience In A 1984 Plane Crash

I Regret Not Making An Independent Film 5 To 10 Years Earlier by Thunder Levin

When Production On A Feature Film Stops, It Doesn’t Mean It Won’t Get Finished by Benjamin Walter of PINK ZONE


A Screenwriter’s Script Is Their Child by Joe Eszterhas - Story Expo 2014

Forensic Screenwriting: DIY Fingerprint and Footprint Collecting by Professor Ron

Full Film Courage Interview with Zoe Cassavetes

Michelle Monaghan and Ron Livingston Talk FORT BLISS and What They Look for in Scripts

Filmmaking Debate: Hire An Editor Or Edit The Movie Yourself? by Patrick Creadon

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