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OZO - Nokia’s Professional VR Filmmaking Camera Set to Announce New Product Details November 30, 2015

Photos via Nokia


Choice Versus Simplicity

Speculation about virtual reality and its effects on human interaction, modern life, the consumption of media and advertising have been forecast for at least 3 decades.

Creating and Selling Web Series Content by Anthony Fanelli of SPARE CHANGE Movie

Meet OZO: Nokia's Virtual Reality Camera - Coming to a Film Set Near You Late 2015

Meet Nokia’s OZO.  Coming to a film set near you.  With eight cameras, eight integrated microphones and a soccer ball-like resemblance from Star Wars, it is real.  Virtually real. 

What Drives A Filmmaker To Make Movies? by Samir of the Documentary Film IRAQI ODYSSEY


Most Viewed Film Courage Video Interviews for November 2015 - Top 100


1. Ben Rosenfield & Taissa Farmiga on Acting and '6 Years'

2. Why Most People Fail At Screenwriting by John Truby

Overcoming The Fear Of Sharing A Screenplay and Making A Movie by Paul Vandervort of LIMELIGHT Movie

Four Quadrant Filmmaking and Screenwriting Services - One-on-One Guidance on Your Script or Film

Why the name four quadrant? It's simple.  The name is derived from the phrase "four-quadrant movie."

4 Words A Professional Screenwriter Should Memorize by Robert Lawton CrowdSource Studios CEO

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