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david branin

I Do Something Everyday To Get Better At Acting - Full Interview with Jonathan Lipnicki From LIMELIGHT Movie

Creating and Selling Web Series Content by Anthony Fanelli of SPARE CHANGE Movie

Meet OZO: Nokia's Virtual Reality Camera - Coming to a Film Set Near You Late 2015

Meet Nokia’s OZO.  Coming to a film set near you.  With eight cameras, eight integrated microphones and a soccer ball-like resemblance from Star Wars, it is real.  Virtually real. 

Products Sell Because They Are Great, Stories Sell Because The Product In Them Are Flawed by Peter Russell at Story Expo 2015

Most Viewed Film Courage Video Interviews for November 2015 - Top 100


1. Ben Rosenfield & Taissa Farmiga on Acting and '6 Years'

2. Why Most People Fail At Screenwriting by John Truby

100 Things To Do, Be, and Have by Cecilia Najar at Story Expo 2015

4 Words A Professional Screenwriter Should Memorize by Robert Lawton CrowdSource Studios CEO

In A Screenplay, Every Character Should Have Their Own Dialogue by William C. Martell at Story Expo 2015

What Questions Should A Screenwriter Ask Themselves When Writing A Screenplay? by Pilar Alessandra at Story Expo 2015

Why Audiences Love The First Season of TRUE DETECTIVE and What It Teaches Screenwriters by Peter Russell at Story Expo 2015

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