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david branin

Writers Often Forget That Writing Is A Process by Dr. Linda Seger at Story Expo 2014

Hope For Film - Full Film Courage Interview with Fandor CEO Ted Hope

Story Mastery and The Director's Journey - Full Interview with Michael Hauge and Mark W. Travis PART 2

The Willpower A Filmmaker Has To Have To Finish Their Movie by Mike Hedge of the Burning Man Doc 'As The Dust Settles'

When Filmmakers Allow Actors To Watch Their Dailies-Ruben Östlund / Johannes Bah Kuhnke of Spirit Award Nominated FORCE MAJEURE

Write What You Know Came to Play. Inter-Office and Interpersonal Relationships Have Always Fascinated Me by Andrew Blackburn



FC: Where did you grow up?

Top 100 Film Courage Videos for November 2014


1) Why Most People Fail At Screenwriting by John Truby

Last Month's Ranking:
Months on the Chart:  2

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