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david branin

Saying Yes To Direct A Web Series When The Script Isn't Ready by Aaron Steele of CINEDOPES

Recording Sound with a Zoom H6 and Rode NTG3 on a Movie Set by Justin Arbabi

MADEIRA, M’DEAR - Short Musical Comedy of a Good Girl on Her 21st Birthday and Why Mother Warned Her to Stay Away From Red Wine

Spielberg wannabes give new meaning to the saying

"Go For Broke"

Paul Boffano and Camille Coladonato


#1 Reason Why Actors Get No Results From Social Media by Founder/CEO Richard "RB" Botto

Comparing Bollywood To American Filmmaking by James Kicklighter of DESIRES OF THE HEART

The Job Of An Actor by Teri Andrez From the Upcoming Film LIMELIGHT

When Losing Your Virginity Was A Big Deal. Oregon Filmmaker’s Romantic Comedy About A Lovable Geek Who Tries Hard to Get Lucky

It’s “Napoleon Dynamite” meets “The Forty Year Old Virgin”

Is DIY Filmmaking The End Of Hollywood? by Prof. Robert Gerst of Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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