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david branin

How Shopping for a Mattress After My Marriage Crumbled Prompted My Script by Writer/Performer Rebecca Louise Miller



One Day Home Was inspired by an experience I had almost two years ago.

I needed a bed.

The Quantum Terror: A Lovecraftian Love Story and Why I Made My Lead A Lesbian by Christopher Moonlight



Where did you grow up?

Top 100 Film Courage Videos for December 2014

1) Why Most People Fail At Screenwriting by John Truby

Last Month's Ranking:
Months on the Chart:  3

American Movie Critics Versus French Film Critics by Benjamin Walter of PINK ZONE Movie


Fastest And Easiest Way For A Screenwriter To Waste Their Life by Lee Jessup at STORY EXPO 2014


The Story Behind Seed and Spark by Founder/CEO Emily Best


THE IMMORTALISTS - Live Forever Or Die Trying -Filmmakers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg - Now Playing at Laemmle Noho 7


Competing With The Next Generation Of Filmmakers by Jeff Krulik of Heavy Metal Parking Lot


Why Being A Character Actor Can Be Better Than Being The Star by Zack Ward - Now Starring in DON'T BLINK

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