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Day 2 of Kris & Lindy Boustedt's THE SUMMER HOME

It's a sunrise call for the first shooting day of THE SUMMER HOME. The first scene, as we saw yesterday, involves a shoot at first light on a dock.

Seattle International Film Festival

A Visit With Kevin Fox

Maybe because it's I just launched a VOD rental of a film, or maybe it's because VOD was the subject of the recent #filmin140 panel, or maybe it's because it's just a coincidence, but I feel like selling your work has really been the topic of the week. And so it's fitting that I'm writing this from the living room of a filmmaker who's actually having some success selling his work online.

Kind of karmic, if you ask me.



If I'm going to be accused of being nothing but a self-promotional whore, I figure I might as well do it right. Kind of like the idea that if you get in trouble for something, you might as well go ahead and do it, you know?

Vancouver Craft Beer Week

Dawn Mikkelson's SMOOCH


I'm standing on Rick Vaicius' lawn in Pepin, Wisconsin, eating a brat and drinking beer when he asks what the next project is.

"Oh, it's this documentary in Minneapolis about kissing."

"You mean SMOOCH?"


"That's not about kissing."

Day 3 of Dave Bullis' GAME OVER

aspiring dj

Lots of films have bad days. Some of them are just slightly annoying, while others end up being a full-fledged clusterfuck. You can't get rid of them entirely, you just have to hope it isn't too bad and doesn't have a domino effect on the whole project, as one really terrible day can kill a film.

Camden Printworks

sasquatch You know the movie where the white kid from the country goes to the big city for the first time, only to see the bright lights have been replaced by urban blight, graffiti, old cars on blocks, and all sorts of frightening stereotypes? That's what it's like to drive through Camden, NJ, even on a Monday at 10am.

Filmmakers, Get Your Shit Together

Right now, I'm supposed to be in Tampa, Florida, working on a romantic comedy. Well, wait, that's not completely true. Tampa was just the Plan B that came together after the family drama in Seattle fell apart. So, I'm supposed to be in Seattle right now.

I'm not.

I'm once again in Pittsburgh, sleeping on the couches of friends and trying to plug the hole in the schedule.   Again.

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