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The 10 Best Films of 2012

moonrise kingdom 1

The Best (and Worst) of the Dance


Clouded Lens with Lucas McNelly: John W. Yost

clouded lens john yost

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Part 2

A Kickstarter Telethon for 4 OF A KIND


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David & Karen Talk to Jack

Clouded Lens with Lucas McNelly: Victoria Westcott

clouded lens victoria westcott

Producer Victoria Westcott (LOCKED IN A GARAGE BAND) and I talk about crowdfunding, consulting on campaigns, and the bug that's flying around my monitor.

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Clouded Lens with Lucas McNelly: David Branin & Karen Worden

clouded lens david and karen

In episode 2, I talk to David & Karen about their innovative release for GOODBYE PROMISE, the upcoming final days of 4 OF A KIND, and why I shouldn't be trusted to cook anything.

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Clouded Lens with Lucas McNelly: Steve Anderson

clouded lens steve anderson

We're going to try this. It might be a total disaster, but I'm thinking it won't be.

One of the great things about social media is how it's made it a lot easier to interact in a variety of ways with other filmmakers. It's a great learning tool and a great community building tool. Film Courage is a great example.

We Can Be the Champions (Of the World)

Five years ago, no one knew who the f*ck I was.

Behind the Scenes with 4 OF A KIND: Day 7

As promised, I'm back with a look behind the scenes of the campaign for Jack Marchetti's 4 OF A KIND.

Behind the Scenes with FOUR OF A KIND: Day 1

It's really easy to talk about a campaign from a distance, or with the benefit of hindsight. Any idiot can do that. But being a Monday Morning Quarterback is only helpful up to a point. Because as much as you research and plan and plot and scheme a Kickstarter campaign, it's like a game plan for a boxer. It all goes out the window as soon as the other guy punches you in the nose.

So I thought I'd take you behind the scenes of the campaign as it happens, a peek behind the curtain.

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