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Most Common Selfish Mistake Everybody Makes On Twitter by Comedian/Actor/Host Ben Gleib


Raising Money For The 1st Feature Film and How Film Festivals Can Help With The Second One of PINK ZONE Movie


A Full-Time Filmmaker Must Prepare For The Winter by James Cullen Bressack of PERNICIOUS


Top Ten Movies to Feed Your Creative Lone-Wolf


1. Bukowski: Born Into This - watch it here!

Top Ten Reasons You're Not Ready To Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign


 1.  Your intention is unclear.  Are you raising funds for preproduction, production or post?  Be specific: state your intention before or after the synopsis of the project and your name.

Winning An Award At Sundance Doesn’t Guarantee A Distribution Deal by Diane Bell and Chris Byrne of


Ten Spiritual Documentaries to Increase Your Inner 'Om'



1. Wake Up - watch it here.


Bouha Kazmi on Making His Music Video TOKYO by The Ramona Flowers - Official Selection at Tokyo Lift-Off 2015

FILMMAKER - 'The Ramona Flowers Video for TOKYO'
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