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5 Pieces Of Advice To New Artists On Business And People — Walid Azami

Film Courage: Is every artist a storyteller? Walid Azami, Photographer/Youtuber: Every artist is a storyteller.

Once You Lose Your Art, How Do You Get It Back? by Walid Azami

Film Courage: What do you remember about the day where you said “This will be the last...

Why An Artist Should Follow Their Instincts by Walid Azami

Film Courage: When was the first time you picked up a camera? Walid Azami,...

I Pointed the Lens at Everyday Life in Syria Ever Since My Father Bought...

  Film Courage: Where did you grow up? Elias Matar: I was born in Berkeley, California, where my father was finishing his doctoral degree. When...
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