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Real World Advice On Being A Filmmaker — Gavin Michael Booth [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: Can you recount your story about sneaking into shows in Detroit and was it...

Harsh Truths About Making Your First Feature Film — Gavin Michael Booth

Film Courage: How old were you when you made your first feature film? Gavin...

Writing A Screenplay For A Movie That Takes Place In Real Time by Gavin...

Film Courage: Can you talk about the screenwriting process ? So Daved had this idea? You...

Advice To 20-Year-Olds On Being A Filmmaker by Gavin Michael Booth

Film Courage: What would you tell a 20-year-old filmmaker on the realities of making a living as...

Best Advice To New Screenwriters by Gavin Michael Booth

Film Courage: In under 5 minutes can you give us the best screenwriting advice?

Simultaneous Real-Time Split-Screen Filmmaking by Gavin Michael Booth of LAST CALL Movie

Film Courage: In 15 seconds can you explain the technical premise behind LAST CALL movie?
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